7 most stylish Hollywood children

   We had many opportunities to admire most stylish, slimmest, most beautiful Hollywood moms, however, this time we offer you something even more interesting: a rating of most stylish Hollywood kids.
4161_1216123757_1It turned out that sometimes celebrities’ children wearing fashion brands clothes may even outshine their famous parents. Top seven most stylish kids in Hollywood:
1. Suri Cruise (daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise)
Suri Cruise has not yet turned three years, however she sets fashion trends no less than famous ladies.
Suri Cruise has already gained bigger popularity than her star parents and now can claim the title of style icon. First, the girl with her large eyes, dark hair and a friendly smile is very nice. Secondly, the baby is really very popular. Her photographs appear regularly in the press, so Suri is ready for public life. And now many fashion designers vie for the right to dress Miss Cruise the same way as for an opportunity to dress Hollywood divas at «Oscar» ceremony.
Even Tom Cruise said his daughter acquired a status of style icon. «It is nice that people are trying to copy Suri’s clothes - the actor admits. — But, honestly speaking, I feel a little strange. While I understand I must take the fact normally».
Meanwhile, a tiny star’s mammy is not only proud of her daughter, but also considers her a muse. Katie Holmes, who is now working on her own children’s clothing collection, admitted that Suri was the main source of inspiration for her in an interview with Glamour magazine.
An actress creates a collection with her girlfriend - Hollywood stylist Jeanne Yang, a mother of two girls. «We created various sketches, trying to find comfortable clothes for our daughters, which would have been even more beautiful … We both grew up with mothers who loved sewing», - Katie told.
2. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
8755_1216123766_2Little Angel Shiloh hardly understands how famous her parents are, and what generally comes around. Nevertheless, she is already recognized as the most influential child in the world. Forbes magazine gave her this status back in 2007.
In 2008, in honor of birth Shiloh got on the cover of two magazines at once (though now she goes there regularly). Her first appearance on the cover happened before - in 2007 US Weekly published her photograph.
Generally, first photos of Shiloh become ones of the most expensive pictures in the world - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold them for ten million dollars (by the way, twins Vivienne and Knox even slightly surpassed Shiloh - their first pictures were worth 11 million, but they were two) .
Shiloh has three brothers and two sisters. Nevertheless, she may be deservedly considered the most popular among other kids wearing Jolie-Pitt surname. In any case, she has a minimum experience in the film - she took part in one of the last films of her father “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
By the way, for her short life Shiloh even managed to survive the trial. Angelina wanted to sue a company that started producing items under the name of Shiloh immediately after girl’s birth. But in the end, Angie forgave defendants - provided that they would send five percent of the profits from sales of Shiloh jewelry and perfume to charity.
3. Violet Affleck (daughter of actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck)
9086_1216123774_3Again for a good Hollywood tradition, a baby was born in the elite hospital of Los Angeles, where dozens of stars gave birth. Persistent daddy personally presented at birth and even cut the umbilical cord himself: he did not need an alternate in the “scene”.
Garner’s and Affleck’s affair turned to be professional. They met on the set of “Pearl Harbor” yet in 2001, but started dating only two years after work for second joint picture “Daredevil.” Ben then just parted with Jennifer Lopez and her namesake, Garner just drove him crazy.
This is the first marriage for Ben Affleck. He dated an actress and singer Jennifer Lopez for a long, however, they parted just before the wedding. Jennifer Garner was married to actor Scott Fouli - they divorced in 2003 after two and a half years of marriage.
4. Willow Smith (daughter of actor Will Smith)
4132_1216123790_5Willow Smith was born on October 31, 2000. Daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and a younger sister of actor Tray Smith (elder brother), and Jaden Smith. She was represented at the Kid’s Choice Awards ceremony.
Willow made her dramatic debut in a picture «I Am Legend» directed by Francis Lawrence, where her father played the primary role. Her next film will be «Kit Kittredge: An American Girl», the movie’s release is scheduled for July 2 2008.
In 2007 a small star actress appeared in several episodes of «Entertainment Tonight» show and a popular TV show «Oprah».
After Jaden Smith received a portion of glory in 2006, for a movie directed by Gabriele Muchchino «The Pursuit of Happyness», they said, he did not like replenishment of the Smith family, in particular, little sister Willow, feeling a weakening of attention to his side. Willow, having watched her brother’s work, thought he did a very good job. She said the film turned out sad, but she loved it. «I felt the film was due to me», - Willow Smith said.
5. Harlow Madden (daughter of Nicole Richie)
5566_1216123798_6One of People issues publishes interview with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Main theme - their daughter Harlow, her character, her education, her future.
“Harlow has my habits, she is very shy, but they say she is spitting Joel.”
Joel delights how well Nicole copes with motherhood:
“Nicole is a fantastic mother. This is her mission. I am doing everything she says to me. But I have this special on the financial part. We have already planned all concerning Harlow’s education.”
Does this mean that Harlow will not be deprived of her inheritance? We’ll know after 15 years.
6. Valentina Pinault (daughter of Salma Hayek and François Pinault)
8806_1216123808_7Valentina Pinault is a daughter of Salma Hayek and her husband, French businessman Francois Pinault. Valentina Paloma - Salma’s first child and third child of François-Henri, whose previous marriage ended in divorce in 2004.
Francois-Henri is the head of French company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR), which owns such world famous brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and many others. Pinault is called a real workaholic, devoting 12 hours per day to family business.
Salma Hayek is considered one of the most successful Mexican actresses in Hollywood. She acted in more than 30 films, among them - “Frida” (directed by Julie Teymor), “From dusk to dawn” (directed by Robert Rodriguez), “Dogma ” (directed by Kevin Smith), “Traffic” (directed by 7663_1216123783_4Steven Soderberg), “Desperate” (directed by Robert Rodriguez), “Bandidas” (directed by Espen Sandberg, Hoakim Ronning, author of the script - Luc Besson) and many others.
7. Matilda Ledger (daughter of deceased Hit Ledger and actress Michelle Williams)
Michelle Williams started moving forward. She recognized her life became complicated after Hit Ledger’s death. But she finds the strength to live.
Williams still intends to bring a daughter to another country where they will live quietly. «I do not want such complications. I do not want to see paparazzi at my door. I want the situation improved when Matilda grows up. Most likely we will go to France».